Top 5: ice cream lover destinations in Ankara

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Top 5: ice cream lover destinations in Ankara


In Ankara, there are a number of places to enjoy ice cream and frozen desserts. This blog post is for the ice cream lover who wants to find out about some of the best places in town.
-Ice Cream Factory: The Ice Cream Factory offers more than 60 flavors of soft serve, hard scooped ice cream and shakes. They also have sundaes, waffles cones and other treats on their menu.
-Fresko: Fresko has an extensive list of homemade dairy based gelato made with fresh ingredients from local farmers’ markets that vary depending on what’s available during each season. On top of this they offer sorbets flavored with seasonal fruits like apricot or peach as well as vegan options too!

1- Meto Dondurma

The Turkish ice-cream culture is just as diverse as the cultures that inhabit it. Turks have tried to keep up with their European counterparts by adding more flavors and toppings, but they still maintain that classic style of dondurma which has been around for centuries. The word literally translates into “block of ice” in Turkish, while the dessert itself may be similar to Greek yogurt or Indian kulfi. What sets it apart is often a honey-like syrup called kaymak, though some people add fruit like strawberries or bananas on top. Regardless of how you take your meto dondurma, this iced treat will make any day better!
Meto Dondurma is one such shop that offers traditional Turkish flavors like pistachio, watermelon, and rose petal along with more international favorites like mango, hazelnut, or chocolate. It is easy to see why this small corner store in Ankara attracts so many customers every day

2- Bafra Balkaymak Dondurmacısı

Turkey is a country with so much to see and do, but if you’re just one person looking for something sweet, then I have the perfect list of places in Ankara that will make your mouth water. Whether it’s a cone or a bowl, these destinations are sure to fulfill any ice cream craving. From traditional Turkish flavors like pistachio and rosewater almond to international favorites like Nutella and double chocolate chip cookie dough, there’s never been a better time for an ice cream break!

  • Meto Dondurma (Traditional flavor)
  • Dolce Gelato (International)
  • Güllüoğlu (Pistachio / Rosewater Almond) – Cold Stone Creamery

3- Atatürk Orman Çiftliği

The Atatürk Orman Çiftliği is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Turkey. Located in Ankara, this forest park was created by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk himself and with a total area of more than 1 million square meters, it is now one of the largest forests on earth. The park consists of different types of trees from all around the world that are classified according to their species and geographical origins. Some notable trees include Chestnut, Oak, Beech Tree, Cypress Pine, Sessile Oak and Maple Tree among many others.

4- Gelato Ice Caffe

Ever been to Ankara? If not, you’re missing out! There are plenty of attractions to visit and some good food and ice cream! It can be hard to know where to go if you don’t have a plan, so I’ve made an itinerary just for you. One of my favorite spots was Atatürk Orman Çiftliği (Ataturk Forest Farm) which has both indoor and outdoor activities like horseback riding, hiking trails, biking tours, picnics, swimming pools among other things. You will find the best ice cream at Şekerci (Sugar Cane).

5- Sim Dondurma

What is your favorite ice cream? What about your favorite destination to eat it? Ankara might be a new city for you, but there are plenty of places to get delicious ice cream. This blog post will tell you all about the best destinations in Ankara for getting the best ice cream. There’s something here for everyone!
If you’re looking for an adventure, try Dondurma Sim. They have a huge selection with some really unique flavors like Yuzu and Rosewater, not to mention their classic flavors like pistachio and mango. It’s worth checking out just because of how different they make things taste!